About the company

pieczarki Rawona

Producer and distributor of cultivated mushrooms – about Rawona

Based in Pszczyna, Rawona is engaged in comprehensive supplying in cultivated mushrooms, such as white and brown button mushroom, oyster mushrooms, shiitake and groundcover mushrooms
(e.g. chanterelle).

Our main partners are retail chains and ready-meal suppliers. Type and method of packaging are arranged individually as required by the customer. We own modern mushroom packaging lines and our own vehicle fleet.

We also operate a family farm devoted to mushroom cultivation and produce substrate for our own needs.

Manufacturer of brown and white mushrooms – what makes us different?

Thanks to our versatile operations that cover both production of mushrooms in our own facility and in sales and purchase of mushrooms, we can guarantee the highest quality and comprehensiveness of services. As specialists in production and distribution of cultivated mushrooms, we can guarantee that they will be fresh, tasty and healthy.

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