Mushroom Supplier

The fungi that we offer are supplied in the entire country and across Europe. As a reliable supplier of fresh button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and shiitake, we place the greatest importance on the quality of products we provide.

Mushroom supplier

Mushroom farm

Why it worth to select our mushrooms?


Every day we take care to deliver our mushrooms to customers fresh, healthy and as soon as possible. Each mushroom is carefully inspected to guarantee the highest product quality for our customers.

mushroom supplier
mushroom supplier


Our offer

oyster mushroom

Oyster mushrooms

Mushrooms with medicinal properties. There are compounds in them that lower sugar and cholesterol, and even destroy cancer cells.

shitake mushrooms

Shitake mushrooms

reduces the cholesterol content in the body and prevents hardening of the arteries



chanterelle is valued for its aroma, taste, hardness and crunchiness

white button mushroom

white button mushroom

the most cultivated mushrooms in the world



They heal the eyes, lower the level of bad cholesterol, make the blood vessels more flexible. Dried blueberries quickly eliminate diarrhea. These fruits are also great as an addition to desserts.



perfect for all those who want to stay fit and youthful. The berries are juicy, fragrant and sweet, and at the same time low in calories



They have healing properties, are an excellent aphrodisiac, and also act as a means of improving mental mood, treating or preventing gout, diabetes and impotence.

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